Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer

The Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer Model (A2) is on the cutting edge of technology in the Holistic Energetic Care field today.


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Never before has one product offered such diversity – it’s wide range of functions are specifically designed to provide harmony and balance to your body’s energy field, enabling you to effectively reach and maintain a healthful, balanced state.

The ABPA provides you with a real advantage in combating many outside disturbances and helps you cope with the energy overload of modern day living and the stresses of life allowing you to concentrate on the things you want to accomplish!

What Does the ABPA Do?

1) Helps to reduce the stress on your body’s energetic system!

2) Support and reinforce your body’s natural balance for optimal health.

3) Support the detoxifying of your body at a safe and gentle rate.

4) Neutralize stressful energetic residue that may be contaminating our foods.

5) Antidote and neutralize the energetic effects of chemicals and toxins in household products that may be weakening your body. (ex: household cleaning products and personal hygiene items)

6) Neutralize harmful energies in your living area and land, including sick buildings, water and soil.

7) Helps to reduce the effects of electromagnetic fields that may weaken your immune system.

8) Customize the energetic match of a homeopathic remedy.

9) Create your own isopathic restorative structure in just 40 seconds.

The ABPA effectively reduces the amount of offensive substances our bodies are exposed to, therefore reducing the stress on our total system.

This process allows our body to spend more of its energy promoting good health, instead of spending energy dealing with substances that are causing imbalances. Plus, the additional support features of the ABPA help to strengthen the body even more!

By reducing the amount of stress placed upon the body, studies have shown the results are decreased illness, reduced allergic reactions, increased energy and an overall feeling of well-being. It’s exactly what so many of us have been looking for!

Many health care professionals are successfully using the ABPA in their practice to help reduce stress.

How does the ABPA do this?

 The ABPA brings a weakened state up to the parameters of good health and balance by creating an energy signal (an isopathic restorative structure) exactly opposite to the one that’s stressing the body. No complicated dials or settings; it’s a simple process!

  • The isopathic restorative structure signal from the ABPA compensates for the stress on the energy field of your body and helps to eliminate the negative effects – this gives you back your energy and counters the stress that may be creating an imbalance in your body.

  • The ABPA makes stable optically charged isopathic imprints, not magnetic sensitive homeopathics.

Personal Pulse (P2)

Designed to bring you the highest level of personal performance and satisfaction, the Personal Pulse is a small package that packs a large punch.

Better known as the P2, the Personal Pulse was designed 13 years ago to provide you with the proper amount of neuro-code sequences necessary to maintain a health body.

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The day after I purchased my first Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer (I now own six units), our perfectly healthy, three year old cat went completely blind. After running a series of tests, our vet said that he sees about six cases a year of this disease. He said the cause is unknown, and there is no known cure.

Our options were to put her to sleep, or get used to living with a blind cat. We didn’t care for those two options, so we took a Polaroid photo of the cat and placed it in the Advance Bio-Photon Analyzer. Four days later, her vision was perfect again. The vet said it was a miracle…we think so too! Since then, we have seen many more miracles. We would not be without our Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzers.

– J.W., Wisconsin

My daughter, while a senior in High School, had terrible migraine headaches, was depressed, very negative and a D student. Now, thanks to the ABPA, she is a B student in college, smiles a lot, and is very positive about the future. Plus, her migraines are gone!

– P.M. CA

I have worked with several types of energy machines for enhancing my health over the last 7 years, but none has compared to the Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer

I am 57 years of age and have been lifting weights for over 40 years. Now I can enhance and optimize my supplements to get more out of them then before; not to mention the 22 pounds of weight I’ve lost.

About 12 years ago, I dropped a 45 lb. plate on the big toe of my right foot. It had developed arthritis and after taking x-rays, the Dr. at the V.A. said I would need an operation on my toe. After wrapping the 7-foot scan cable around my big toe for about an hour while watching TV ( that’s how simple it is), I woke up the next morning with very little to no pain present and I was able to run to the gym. Everyone should have an ABPA.. This machine is the second love of my life!!!

– H. U., San Francisco, CA

My son Andrew, (10 years old) was diagnosed with mono one week prior to the first day of school. He was to start a brand new school, so it was bad timing for him to become so ill. The doctor expected him to be too sick to return to school for approximately three weeks. I immediately started him on the BPA. I did not expect it to work so fast, but it really did.

Amazingly, Andrew was able to begin school on the very first day. His color began to return almost immediately after being put on the ABPA. When our doctor examined Andrew, he said he was very surprised at how quickly he had recovered (he didn’t quite know what to make of it). We knew the BPA had played a very big part in his recovery.Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of equipment with me.

– Sincerely, J.L.


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